We are a small country church located about 10 miles south of the city of Wills Point, Texas. Just off Hwy 47 north of Hwy 243. The address is 1861 county rd 2147, Wills Point, Texas 75169.

We are a small church, mostly elderly, who love the Lord. We sing to the old gospel hymnals and worship God. The church is a praying church. We believe the Bible is God’s Holy written Word and should be read and studied in context, covering it by individual books chapter by chapter. We believe God still is in control of this little planet and everything happening is according to His plan, He is in total control. Since COVID hit in 2020 we currently have one service each Sunday starting at 11 AM and going until the service is finished. If this sounds like the place for you, we would love to meet you.


Acts 17 Pt 2 The Unknown GOD

Paul had fled from Thessalonica and Berea after many believed his message because some of the Jews wanted him dead. Paul went to the cultural center of the world, Athens.

The people of Athens  attempted to worship every known god in all the world. Paul had not seen so many idols concentrated in one city. They were so superstitious the Athenians had a god for everything except one.

Many years before, Paul's visit, there was a great plague in Athens and many people died. There were many organized prayers, in an attempt to identify which of the gods the people had angered. The plague continued. They came up with a plan to send a flock of sheep down each row of idols and believed where ever the sheep stopped and rested, the idol figure located where the sheep stopped was the god that had been offended.

They people would pray and sacrifice the flock of sheep to that god and beg the god to take away the curse. The sheep walked passed every idol in Athens and finally walked passed the last idol and headed to a meadow and laid down. The people believed they had missed a god. There was one god who the people did not know and had never worshipped. 

The people prepared a pedestal, for the god. They did not know the god's name or what it looked like. The people simply put a plaque, on the pedestal that read "The Unknown God". The plague finally stopped. Paul picked up on their superstition and proclaimed he represented the Unknown God and Paul knew His name. 

  January 2022  
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