We are a small country church located about 10 miles south of the city of Wills Point, Texas. Just off Hwy 47 north of Hwy 243. The address is 1861 county rd 2147, Wills Point, Texas 75169.

We are a small church, mostly elderly, who love the Lord. We sing to the old gospel hymnals and worship God. The church is a praying church. We believe the Bible is God’s Holy written Word and should be read and studied in context, covering it by individual books chapter by chapter. We believe God still is in control of this little planet and everything happening is according to His plan, He is in total control. Since COVID hit in 2020 we currently have one service each Sunday starting at 11 AM and going until the service is finished. If this sounds like the place for you, we would love to meet you.


Acts 28 Paul arrives at Rome

Paul finally makes it to Rome and we finish the book of Acts. Have you ever wondered what happened to Paul? Did the Jewish leaders make it to Rome to testify against Paul? Was Paul convicted? Was he sentenced to prison, put to death, or maybe released? We tackle these questions as we complete chapter 28 of Acts and next week we start Paul's Letter to the church located in Rome. Join us as we begin to study Romans. 

  May 2022  
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