Web Ministry

Pastor: Daniel Claxton

Our goal is to reach young listeners with the gospel of Jesus Christ using His written word teaching the Bible, book by book, and in Context. We hope to reach them through electronic media such as computers and their mobile phones. This web ministry started in 2019 with the book of Matthew. We were already on chapter 10, of Matthew, when it was decided to start recording the sermons. Our hope is to add chapters 1 to 10 of Matthew, in the near future.

If you are listening to the sermons and learning from them, we have achieved what we hoped would happen. Time is getting short. Jesus talked about the signs of the birth pains that would come just prior to His return. These signs are listed in the gospels and are covered in the book of Matthew, which will soon be placed back on this web-site. They are also seen throughout the prophets of the Old Testament. The time of the great tribulation will follow these birth pains. 

One of the major signs of the soon coming of Christ Jesus is the re-establishment of the nation of Israel in 1948. This event followed two of the only known World Wars. During the first world war, we had the outbreak of the Spanish Flu, the most deadly disease ever known. Now we have Covic-19, just another sign. Another event that preceded the re-establishment of Israel was the murder of millions of Jews, known as the Holocaust. 

Technology has advanced more in the last 150 years than in all of recorded history. You can have an earthquake in China and within minutes see the devastation on television, radio, or phone on the other side of the world, in America. Today we hear about nations falling and see the riots and violence, through various media who twist the images and attempt to convince us what is bad is good and what is good is bad. This is not a local problem, it is a world problem.

That is another reason for this web-site. It works both ways. We can use this web-site to reach people around the world in non-Christian countries. There are many places around the world where it is illegal to speak the gospel. There are people hungry for the Word of God. We also have an opportunity to reach people locally, who no longer attend church, because many are getting too political and moving away from Bible teaching. I hope if you have been blessed by our little church you will share this web-site with someone.

God Bless You

Pastor Daniel Claxton

 If you have questions send them to danclaxton@embarqmail.com